Governor Corbett has released the recommendations of the 2012 Manufacturing Advisory Council.    The report lists some facts on page two about Pennsylvania’s manufacturing:


  • Manufacturing employs 574,000 Pennsylvanians, accounting for 10% of the total workforce.
  • Manufacturing employment has shown job creation in each of the last two years.
  • Manufacturing productivity outperforms non-manufacturing by 23%.
  • Each manufacturing job in PA contributes on average $131,147 to gross state product.
  • The average annual compensation in manufacturing is $64,913, [a] 44.2% higher than non-manufacturing sectors.
  • Manufacturing’s share of Pennsylvania exports is 90%.
  • Manufacturing accounts for 70% of all research and development expenditures in Pennsylvania. Total annual R&D investment is $9.8 billion.

Some of the recommendations highlighted on page ten were:

  1. Develop an “Adopt a School” Program led by the manufacturing community
  2. Industry-led standardization of skill needs and curriculum
  3. Better connect job seekers with job openings in manufacturing sector
  4. Expand and better support career and technical education in Pennsylvania
  5. Support proven strategies to increase workforce pipeline for manufacturers
  6. Create measures and support systems for educators and school districts


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